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Barge on the Mississippi   All the main rivers of the Continent are located between Canada, the United States and marginally Mexico (in its northern part), both because they are the only large nations of North and Central America, and because of the conformation of the Continent, which becomes gradually narrower in the southern part.

   The Mississippi alone is not the longest watercourse, but it is more correct to consider the Missouri as its main branch, since it alone is longer than all the Mississippi, which however retains its name at the confluence of these two rivers; however, many other rivers take on different names during their course.

   Much of the continental waters ends in the Atlantic Ocean and in particular in the Gulf of Mexico, but we also find some waterways that enter the Pacific Ocean or the Arctic Ocean, as in the case of the Mackenzie.

River Length (km) Length (mi) Mouth Countries
Missouri (1) 4,247 km 2,639 mi Mississippi United States
Mackenzie (2) 4,241 km 2,635 mi Arctic Ocean Canada
Mississippi (3) 3,782 km 2,350 mi Gulf of Mexico United States
Yukon 3,185 km 1,979 mi Bering Sea Canada, United States
Rio Grande 3,060 km 1,901 mi Gulf of Mexico United States, Mexico
St. Lawrence (4) 3,058 km 1,900 mi Atlantic Ocean United States, Canada
Nelson (5) 2,575 km 1,600 mi Hudson Bay Canada
Arkansas 2,348 km 1,459 mi Mississippi United States
Colorado 2,333 km 1,450 mi Gulf of California United States, Mexico
Red River (6) 2,188 km 1,360 mi Mississippi United States
Ohio (7) 2,102 km 1,306 mi Mississippi United States
Brazos 2,060 km 1,280 mi Gulf of Mexico United States
Columbia 2,000 km 1,243 mi Pacific Ocean Canada, United States
Snake River 1,735 km 1,078 mi Columbia United States
Platte 1,690 km 1,050 mi Missouri United States
Churchill 1,609 km 1,000 mi Labrador Sea Canada

* in some cases the course of the main tributary is included either because the length is greater or because the river does not always have the same name or it arises from the confluence of other rivers, which are in effect the initial part of the same river

(1) Taking into account Hell Roaring-Red Rock-Beaverhead-Jefferson rivers and not since it takes his name at Three Forks.
(2) Peace River included.
(3) Considering Red Rock-Jefferson-Missouri as its main branch, the length is 6,157 km (3,826 mi), fourth in the world rankings.
(4) The length is counted from the Saint Louis, a tributary of Lake Superior.
(5) Including Saskatchewan.
(6) It does not flow directly into the Mississippi, but into the Atchafalaya, which is a bifurcation (effluent) of this river.
(7) It arises from the confluence of Monongahela and Allegheny, included in the calculation of the length.